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TheFED Writing Challenge for
October 2009


'It was unusual to see...'

A story-starter suggested by

John Malcomson,

a member of

Heeley Writers and Sharrow Writers

Writing can be in any form or style,
poetry or prose.

All submissions will be included in

Website Gallery

You can submit your writing by clicking on 'Reply' at the top and bottom of this page

Please remember to include your name
and say which group
(or groups) you are a member of.

Lucia Birch
Autumn Magic
It was unusual to see
fairies looking at me
as I walked through the woods
to the magic tree.
Conkers and chestnuts
covered the ground
and golden leaves tumbled
a merry-go-round.
The magic tree sang
words of wisdom, deep and true
as all the love
I have for you.
The dogs chased squirrels
the children climbed
catching the wind
and the sun entwined
in being here now
wild and free
as the fairies, I'd thought
unusual to see.



It was unusual to see the garden next door had suddenly sprouted tall golden sunflowers, for years it had been what you could only describe as a dump, students had rented the house and wrecked it with their parties.

You could hear the footsteps running up and down the stairs, treading on bare floorboards, rubbish had piled up in the street and what had once been a garden.

When we first moved in, a family had lived in the house who took pride in the garden, then another family followed who bred pidgeons, they built a pidgeon shed and slowly the garden gave way to pidgeons and a dog.

You could see the decay and the rot building up under the debris left behind by the birds, then the house was sold once again, and the students moved in to pile more debris in the back, wild buddlea grew through the walls and trees grew like a hedge to hide any sun getting through.

Suddenly, the new students started to lay grass, a barbeque appeared then a table and chairs, the noisy parties still kept on keeping me awake at night, I would protest and they would apologise.

But this morning looking over my wall were golden sunflowers? the tree and the buddlea had gone, I could now see the sun peeping through, I smiled at the students, enquired about the sudden show of flowers.

A packet of seeds from "Sainsbury" they informed me had transformed this dump into a garden, for a short while the sun would shine until the next lot of students moved in.

Nicole Marie Killian

The Hanalooloo Cat of Barcelona


It was unusual to see what before made me boil,

like the boundaries of my birth- sweet American soil.

Dispatched from my cradle that couldn’t quite rock,

assigned to Europe where the Catalans talk .


In the caverns of side streets I used to dwell,

by the spray- painted garages to dead to tell.


It was unusual to see the homeless woman with

her honalooloo cat,

who sat with her faithfully on a cardboard mat.

Together, they frequented the tourist area trap.        


The cat wore a flower necklace hoping to attract cash.

Yet nothing was thrown to them but cigarettes and trash.


It was unusual to see these suppressed thoughts.

Once daily visions, are now like past moths.


The unusual memories-you’ll always know.

Those things you see-thanks Barcelona!


POW member from Pottsville, PA, USA.




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