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Sarah Smith
Love bug


She had had enough, now of all times the bumper had fallen off which had punctured the tyres of the car behind her, which had caused the car behind to swerve and the one behind that hit him and now there was a pile up, her car insurance just would not cover this personal effrontery.


Sarah Smith

Robert Brandon

55 Words

Thora reached into the draw. Locating the secret compartment, she removed the small hand-gun. Calmly and professionally, she loaded the bullets.

"Can I really be doing this?" she asked herself. Further thoughts came: "I hate being restricted, being abridged." Sensing the end was near, she pointed the gun at the dictionary, and fired.

By Robert Brandon

Grass Roots Open Writers


Ashley Jordan


He must have betrayed her. She felt sick inside. Now what? They were coming upstairs. She looked around desperately. Nowhere to hide. No way out. She watched the door handle slowly turn and held her breath as the door opened, creaking ominously. Her heart pounded as they peered in.

"We've found you!" they cried triumphantly.

Ashley Jordan (GROW)
Roger Drury
55-Word Short Story

"What's this muscle do?". She adjusted the light.
A dust truck set up a clamour of lids.
I couldn't move at all now but the pain was gone.
A tear of sweat travelled my back- she shut the window and wiped.   In the mirror the clock swiped 9..
A donkey lost its footing somewhere close.


Roger Drury
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