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It has been suggested that all TheFED members (individuals and groups) be invited to participate in regular writing exercises. 

I'll post the TheFED Writing Challenge of the month here, on TheFED Message Board.

This could be a theme, title, style or even a particular poetry form...

Lucia Birch
Hi Everyone...this is firstly to let Ashley know that the message board is working and also to promise some creative writing via Stevenage Survivors for this first Writing Challenge......Hope this has climbed through to you.
John Malcomson
I've managed to pick up the message board.  I think my computer skills are going downhill; perhaps it's senile decay catching up with me, but I've got here at last.
Suggestions for a Theme for TheFED Writing Challenges are always welcome. 

Please post your ideas here by replying to this thread.

Some suggestions for future challenges from the GROW group discussion on Tuesday 28th April 2009.


'My Favourite Author'

'My Favourite Book and Why I Love It'

'Mythical Creatures'

'The Moon'

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