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Josie Lawson
Wasn't sure how to gain access to add on but found this method...hope it gets through....


Into the archives of the brain we go

Consider the truth

Therapeutically words find a way

Hidden, they fester, out on paper they go

Truth can be found, good or bad

For the truth is the personality they try to find

Stress is a worldwide phenomenon

When read, each and everyone of us

Will find a route to help them in life

Look from the window of your mind

See the beauty of the sky, whether dark or light

Hear the sound of your mind tell its story

Is it worth the long journey of depression?

Breathe a sigh, calm to the effect of meditation

Don't know the route, read a book

Reading and writing come together

Sound and sight even if gone find its way

Have a day of relaxation, then start again

Hear the truth, that person whose attitude upset the applecart

Should know better in the profession they perform

But, they too are only human...

But, the truth of the matter is....

They need to learn from their mistakes, not brush it away

And perform a twisted tale as though it didn't happen...

©30.4.2010 Josie Lawson

All Rights Reserved

GROW member

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